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Casinò per Macintosh Red 144281

It freezes constantly if you are on mobile it is impossible to play on any actual live casino games you can only do slots which freeze a lot I never made it as far as trying it on a computer before deleting it. Straight up robbery. I have never hated a casino experience more than this and this is not just another troll of a review I saw the reviews and ignored them as had seen adverts that seemed appealing. There is nothing enjoyable about this experience and for your sake and the sake of keeping your own money never download this app as you are guaranteed to lose anything you put in to an outright scam. This is the worst casino app I have ever played. I feel completely ripped off. Cannot breath without it cutting me off, must have signed back in 50 times in half hour, funnily enough when I may have actually won something. I tried when I won some small amounts and when I was low on funds it made no difference my point is I feel I have been ripped off I will tell anyone and everyone to stay clear.

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Virtual Games Requisiti di sistema Betnero è un casino online molto affidabile affinché funziona su tutti i tipi di dispositivi senza richiederti di istallare ciascuno specifico software. Dovrai tuttavia avere un computer o un dispositivo mobile affinché presenti il plug-in Adobe Flash Player aggiornato per essere certo di poter fruire al meglio dei nostri giochi. Clicca qui per verificare la tua versione di Adobe Flash Player casomai già installata nel tuo browser.

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